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Many people enjoy walking their dogs on Isle of Wight beaches but between 1 May and 30 September, dogs are not permitted on certain areas. During this time, owners must comply with the council’s Dog Control Orders covering the regulation of dogs on the beaches and esplanades and the removal of canine faeces on beaches, esplanades and public parks and gardens. Failure to comply with the control orders is an offence and liable to a fine.

Whilst the above is all well and good - few owners abide by these rules. There is nothing worse than finding dog poop on the high water mark that is sure to become part of the backwash - enough to put any bather off swimming in the sea.

Restricted areas:
  • Colwell Bay - The beach from the western edge of the slipway to Warden Point.
  • Compton Bay - This beach is managed by the National Trust—please contact them for up-to-date information about dogs.
  • Cowes - The beach from the public slipway at the bottom of Egypt Hill, eastwards to a point immediately north of the eastern edge of Princes Green, from the promenade walk .
  • East Cowes - From the slipway opposite the toilets on the esplanade up to the first set of steps past the toilets, between the groynes.
  • Freshwater Bay - The beach from the wooden slipway on the promenade to the steps in front of the Albion Hotel.
  • Gurnard - The beach from the eastern edge of the public slipway at the junction of Shore Road and the promenade walk eastwards to the edge of the groyne adjacent to the Princes Esplanade fountain.
  • Ryde - The beach immediately east of the Ryde Harbour boundary wall eastwards to Appley Tower, 100m out from the seawall.
  • Sandown - The beach southwards from the groyne opposite Fort Street and Sandham Grounds for approx 1634 metres (approx 1.01 miles), to the public conveniences adjacent to Lake slipway.
  • Shanklin - The beach from the Chine to the southern edge of the first groyne along the Sandown/Shanklin revetment adjacent to the existing café.
  • Seaview and Springvale - The beach from the flood gate directly at the bottom of Puckpool Hill at its junction with Springvale Road, eastwards to the flood gate opposite Oakhill Road next to the Duver Road tollgate.
  • Totland - The beach from the western edge of the pier to the edge of the esplanade in line with the restaurant.
  • Ventnor - The beach from the bandstand at the bottom of the Cascade to the western edge of the Spyglass Inn.
  • Whitecliff Bay, Bembridge - This is managed by the owners of Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park, who prohibit dogs at all times of the year.
  • Yaverland - The beach from the slipway at the far end of Yaverland car park to a point approx 225 metres to the western edge of the cliff.

The above info was taken directly from IOW Council Leaflet. For more info @ IOW Council